MEC Foundation

MEC Foundation

MEC (Mahmud Es’ad Cosan) Foundation is an independent, Australian charitable organisation of international calibre. It was formed to ensure that the non-discriminatory philosophy and ideals of love, compassion, helpfulness and the legacy of the great intellect, scholar, visionary humanitarian, philosopher, social justice activist and spiritual leader, Professor Dr. Mahmud Es’ad Cosan, were carried out.

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Who Are We and What We Do?

The Foundation was formed in Australia in 2002, just after Professor Cosan passed away. Since then, the Foundation has been an advocate for many disadvantaged communities and provided financial, social, psychological and spiritual support for the implementation of various humanitarian projects. Our overarching goal is to focus on social justice in society and address the physical, material, social, cultural, psychological and spiritual needs of needy communities.

We serve with sincerity and invest time, energy and resources in the furthering of social justice, thereby fostering peaceful, prosperous, and just societies. We are dedicated to providing guidance and direction towards addressing the root causes of problems while at all times being solution focused.

We acknowledge that ‘serving the creation for the sake of the Creator’ is a challenging task. It involves commitment, confidence, knowledge, expertise and faith. It requires coordinated efforts of various stakeholders, their collaboration and enthusiasm. This is only achieved by systematic planning and preparation. It is this reason that leads us to our slogan ‘prepares you’. At MEC Foundation, we utilise all our resources to help prepare you for the better.

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